WEBINAR – Exploring energy balance mechanisms in rodents using ad hoc tools

WEBINAR – Exploring energy balance mechanisms in rodents using ad hoc tools



Obesity is at present a worldwide epidemic for which we are missing efficient therapeutic options. In order to find better therapies, we need to understand the biological mechanisms underlying the control of energy balance, an essential biological function aiming at matching energy intake and use. In this presentation we will highlight the critical role that the brain plays in the regulation of energy balance. Indeed, thanks to its continuous cross-talk with the rest of the body, the brain coordinates feeding behavior and peripheral metabolic responses. We will illustrate some of the tools we employ to investigate energy intake and use and provide a scientific example of how these tools can help identify novel brain mechanisms controlling energy balance.

Our speaker: Daniela COTA, MD, Research Director at INSERM & Team Leader at OptoPathTM platform and Research Director at INSERM.

Daniela Cota obtained her medical degree from the University of Bologna (Italy) in 1999. Interested in studying the biological mechanisms leading to obesity and type 2 diabetes, she went on to obtain a research fellowship, first at the Max-Planck of Psychiatry in Munich, Germany (2001-2003) and then at the University of Cincinnati, USA (2004-2007). Her initial work has critically contributed to defining brain molecular signaling and pathways participating to the control of body weight. Since 2008, she leads a research laboratory at the INSERM Neurocentre Magendie, in Bordeaux, France. Her laboratory continues to investigate the brain and its cross-talk with the rest of the organism, with the ultimate goal of identifying new ways to tackle obesity.

20 min – Presentation
10 min – Live Questions & Answers

The session will be recorded and every registrant will receive a link to access it after the event


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