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To advance the understanding and treatment of complex neurological disorders by providing cutting-edge CNS electrophysiology solutions. We strive to be a trusted partner to our clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, by delivering and reliable data that support the development of new drugs.

The purpose behind all our recordings and reports is to provide practical information that aids in decision-making for the advancement of drugs and treatment options for patients.


As the global leader of CNS electrophysiology CRO, we accelerate the progress of CNS drug discovery by crafting top-tier research solutions customized to our clients’ specifications. Through our in-house Research and Development initiatives, we constantly harness the latest technologies and methodologies, enabling us to personalize our protocols and offer unparalleled solutions.


Neuroservices-Alliance offers an opportunity to be part of a diverse team of experienced scientists and business leaders dedicated to advancing preclinical CNS research.

At Neuroservices-Alliance, we value collaboration and teamwork, and believe in fostering a culture of innovation and diversity. As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects in a dynamic and collaborative environment, and to ultimately make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, and are committed to investing in our people, our technologies, and our processes, to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the field. If you are passionate about advancing the understanding and treatment of neurological disorders, and are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, we encourage you to apply at Neuroservices-Alliance.


At NsA, our values are rooted in a commitment to scientific excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


We work collaboratively with our clients to co-design the best customized answer to their pharmacological question.
We value their research as if it was our own!

Science Forward

We are always ahead of scientific and technological evolutions to provide best-in-class data.


We all come from different parts of the globe, backgrounds and education, making work a fun learning experience every day.


At NSA, we are constantly seeking talented individuals in the following areas. Your skill set may be exactly what we’re looking for!

Scientific jobs (Cell & Slice Electrophysiology)

  • Research technician
  • Scientist I, II, Senior Scientist


  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Administration


We support a work environment that promotes work-life balance by offering flexible work arrangements and other benefits. We value the diversity of our team and understand that different experiences and backgrounds bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table. Our commitment to work-life balance and diversity ensures that everyone at Neuroservices-Alliance feels valued and build rewarding careers while maintaining their personal well-being.

Depending on locations, benefits can include:

  • Healthcare
  • 401K
  • Remote work flexibility depending on job position
  • Access to scientific conferences
  • Training related to work missions
  • Monthly team lunch


Picture of Neuroservices-Alliance France office

Le Puy Sainte Reparade
Bouche-du-Rhone, France

Picture of Neuroservices-Alliance San Diego office

San Diego
California, United States

Picture of Neuroservices-Alliance Bordeaux office

Gironde, France


Learn about Gabriel’s experience as a Business Development Intern.
Gabriel’s internship involved working closely with the Business Development team to identify potential business opportunities and strategies for growth.

Listen to Mahsa Sadeghi, PhD, Scientist II in our Cell Electrophysiology lab in San Diego.
Let’s hear about her experience at Neuroservices-Allliance and what she enjoys in her day-to-day missions.

Meet Regina Valades, Marketing Specialist based in our San Diego Office

Regina supports our Business Goals by working on Marketing automation and Business tools innovation.

Portrait picture of Julien Artinian

Meet Julien Artinian, Neuroscientist and Electrophysiologist at Neuroservices-Alliance at our Bordeaux location.

I’m from Toulouse in the South-West of France where I did my studies in Neurobiology. I did my PhD in Neuroscience in Marseille, France where I studied the physiopathology of epilepsy. Then I moved to Canada for a postdoc at University of Montréal. After 5 years, I came back to France to start a postdoc in Bordeaux before I joined Neuroservices-Alliance in 2019.

After all these years in the academic environment, I was excited to discover the world of drug discovery and the industry. I like the way we work in close interaction with the clients, helping them to design their experiments and studies, interpret the data and make decision regarding their research programs. The particularity of our ex vivo site in Bordeaux is to have access to human living brain samples which offer new research opportunities in drug discovery programs for our customers. Here in Bordeaux, the lab is hosted in an academic research institute that also host our in vivo testing facility Optopath. This makes my day-to-day working environment at the cross-road of different worlds really stimulating and inspiring.

Meet Sungjae Yoo, Patch Clamp Engineer at Neuroservices-Alliance at our Aix-en-Provence location.

My name is Sungjae YOO, and I’m from Seoul, South Korea. During my Ph.D. studies at Korea University, I focused on acute and chronic pain, specifically studying thermosensing and mechanosensing ion channels in peripheral neurons. My research involved investigating pain behavior, conducting in vitro calcium imaging, and performing electrophysiology in cultured cells.

Following my Ph.D., I desired to explore pain mechanisms within the pain neural circuit from a macroscopic viewpoint. Although transitioning from a cultured cell platform to a spinal cord slice presented a significant challenge, I embarked on a postdoctoral position in Dr. Moqrich’s team at IBDM-CNRS.

Throughout a five-year postdoctoral research, I conducted electrophysiology experiments in the spinal cord of adult mice. Working with the spinal cord posed numerous challenges due to its vulnerability to oxidative stress-induced damage, requiring extensive troubleshooting. Based on the expertise I gained in the two areas of neural circuit in pain mechanisms and electrophysiology in high-quality spinal cord slices, I joined Neuroservices-Alliance in 2021 with a strong desire to contribute to drug development, particularly in the field of analgesics.

One fascinating aspect of Neuroservices-Alliance is the collaboration among neuroscientists specializing in various subfields, collectively conducting electrophysiology research spanning across different domains. This offers me an opportunity to gain new experiences that I haven’t had before. For instance, while working with brain slices, I am acquiring anatomical knowledge and exploring the diverse electrophysiological characteristics of different regions. Additionally, I am getting exposed to unique electrophysiology techniques such as lysosomal patch.

The thought of our research outcomes, achieved in collaboration with diverse clients, having a positive impact on our daily lives across the industry, makes my heart beat with excitement.”

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