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Founded in 2018, Neuroservices-Alliance has a worldwide presence through its USA-, European- and Asian-based customers.

Thanks to its complementary in vitro and in vivo CNS expert platforms, Neuroservices-Alliance is able to answer questions related to targets and mechanisms of action as well as to identify and characterize translational biomarkers from in vitro preclinical assays up to clinical trials.

We provide expert and robust platforms with several focus areas: in vitro (Electrophysiology / Rodents and Human Brain and Spinal Cord Slices & DRG) and in vivo (Electrophysiology / Behavior / Optogenetics). Our areas of expertise are still expending to serve and to empower our customer’s needs! 

Custom solutions

The foundation of our value proposition is to offer our clients customized assays for their research and development programs. We support them with functional data resulting from cross-platform results analysis and integration and provide reports validated from our expert scientists. Having experts dedicated to your therapeutic area ensures you to have the right professional scientist for your project, “someone who has done it before”.

We are very implicated in accompanying our clients. We take care of all quotation and contractual paperworks, we are strongly dedicated to project management and regular interactions with our customers. A skilled team is dedicated to your project and releases your project within deadlines defined together.


By providing translational data from in vivo and in vitro investigations of your compound, we enable you to drastically accelerate your pre-clinical and clinical studies and to get reliable data to support decision-making throughout your drug discovery process.

Neuroservices-Alliance is your partner of excellence to help you deliver innovative solutions in various CNS therapeutic areas.

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Our experts platforms

In Vitro
Electrophysiology MEA & PATCH

Multi-Electrode Array, Patch Clamp on rodent brain slices, spinal cord slices and cultured neurons. Our in vitro electrophysiology assay methods allow you to screen neuronal targets, thus assessing the therapeutic safety of your compounds.

In Vitro
Human Brain Slice & DRG

We have access to human tissue and perform recordings thanks to our strong expertise in patch clamp electrophysiology.

In Vivo

LFP, EEG Fixed head or free moving rodent combined with behavioral assays.

In vivo

We provide unique disease models and a wide range of behavioral analysis for CNS diseases and hearing disorders

In vivo

Fixed head or free moving rodent combined with behavioral assays



Portrait of Theron Wall

Theron Wall, Consultant Biologist, Neuroscience
Lilly Research Laboratories, Eli Lilly and Company

Jeff and his team did a fantastic job with some very challenging spinal cord slice electrophysiology experiments for our project and provided high quality decisional data…very well done!


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Our partners

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MaxWell Biosystems is a technology leader providing high-content electrophysiology platforms advancing scientific discoveries and accelerating drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases.

Neuroservices-Alliance’s affiliate Neuroservice and MaxWell Biosystems’ strategic partnership aims to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a new state-of-the-art CNS in vitro cellelectrophysiological solution based on high-density microelectrode array recording of human iPSC-derived neurons and other neuron cultures.


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Neuroservices-Alliance is a proud member of Biocom California. Biocom California is the largest Life Science association of California.
Through its work, Biocom California helps its member connect with the life science community and engages in driving public policy and build a fast-growing environment of leaders in the life science industry.
As a Biocom California member, we benefit from strong connections with the Californian and American life science industry.


Logotype of french american chamber of commerce of San Diego   Neuroservices-Alliance is a proud member of the French American Chamber of Commerce of San Diego. The French American Chamber of Commerce has deep expertise in French and American business envionments, and accompanies French and American businesses thanks to their broad network of legal, HR and Marketing professionals.


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