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High density MEA recording of primary rat neuron cultures and human iPSC-derived neuron cultures growing at low density on astrocyte feeder layers


Pharmacology of TTX-resistant and TTX-sensitive sodium currents in Non Human Primate Dordal Root Ganglia neurons.


Profiling the Functional Phenotype of Dorsal Root Ganglia Sensory Neurons from the K/BxN Murine Rheumatoid Arthritis Model


Functional Endpoints from human iPS-derived sensory Neurons for Pain Drug discovery


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Slice Electrophysiology

in vivo electrophysiology


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in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology assays for robust decision making in CNS programs

Thumbnail webinar in vivo & in vitro ephy

How to assess drug candidates on tinnitus preclinical models for a successful transition to clinical trials

Tinnitus  Drug Discovery Webinar thumbnail

Electrophysiology in anesthetized rodents for analgesic drug development

Thumbnail imag for e-phys webinar

Electrophysiological ex vivo assays for compound testing in human acute brain slices

Customized in vivo electrophysiology – From the simplest to the most complex

MEA assays of synaptic transmission and plasticity for decision making in CNS programs

Thumbnail MEA Synaptic transmission webinar

in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology assays for robust decision making in CNS programs
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Thumbnail in vitro and in vivo ephy webinar Japanese language

in vivo models of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Preclinical models of anxiety-related behaviors

In vivo recordings of spinal neurons involved in the generation of pain sensation & application in pain drug discovery

Recording of spinal neurons webinar

Novel Tools for Translational Research: Ex Vivo Human Models for Advancing Pain & Itch Drug Discovery

Solutions for pain preclinical drug discovery

Pain drug discovery webinar thumbnail

Exploring energy balance mechanisms in rodents using ad hoc tools