Slice electrophysiology solutions for CNS and Pain

Slice electrophysiology solutions for CNS and Pain


Our expert teams propose in vitro brain and spinal cord slices electrophysiology assays to help decision making during the preclinical phase of CNS and Pain drug discovery programs.

Patch Clamp provides high resolution electrophysiological recordings from individual neurons. Multi Electrode Array allows for the recording of many neurons in parallel within brain or spinal cord slices, giving a macroscopic view of neuronal networks.

Our expert member Neuroservice has supported pharmaceutical companies in their CNS drug discovery research for more than 15 years by providing robust data from rodent brain slices and spinal cord slices, enabling decision making.

Neuroservice, designs customized state-of-the-art protocols and functions as an integrated laboratory: we co-design with our clients the relevant Patch Clamp and Multi Electrode Array assays, communicate regularly on results and data to adjust protocol if needed, hence providing a real flexibility to the study plan until we provide the endpoints needed.

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