In vivo brain electrophysiology solutions

In vivo brain electrophysiology solutions


Neuroservices-Alliance provides in vivo brain electrophysiology recordings solutions, allowing custom recordings and analysis of neuronal signals. Thanks to our expert member OptoPath, we can develop customized assays to measure neuronal activity in the brain as either EEG-EcoG thanks to surface electrodes or Local Field Potential and Single Units through Deep electrodes recordings.

The OptoPath facilities features 400 Sq meters of lab space dedicated to in vivo electrophysiological recordings. It is equipped with 6 Plexon multiple recording systems.

In addition to top-knotch technology, the dedicated research team is lead by Dr Cyril Herry, Research Director & co-coordinator of the OptoPath platform, strong of more than 20 years of expertise in the field and among the top 1% most influent researchers in the world (Clarivate Analytics, 2019).

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