Webinar – Preclinical Pain Drug Discovery

Webinar – Preclinical Pain Drug Discovery


Speaker: Dr. Bruno Buisson, President and CSO of Neurosrvices-Alliance

Most widely used pain killers, such as morphine, salicylate, paracetamol or ibuprofen have been discovered between a century and half a century ago. Some anti-epileptic drugs have been empirically identified with pain modulating activities. 

However, there is still a tremendous need for new drugs being able to substitute to opioids (without addictive side effects) or being able to treat the multiple forms of neuropathic pain. Traditional models/strategies have failed for more than 50 years to bring new molecules in clinical development.

By providing complementary in vitro and in vivo inter-species assays, Neuroservices-Alliance has organized a disruptive platform for preclinical pain drug discovery. 

Webinar agenda

  • 20 min – Presentation
  • 10 min – Live Questions & Answers

The session will be recorded and every registrant will receive a link to access it after the event.

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