Most expected CNS drug launches of 2024

Most expected CNS drug launches of 2024


In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceuticals, 2024 holds immense promise with the impending launch of groundbreaking drugs, particularly in the realm of Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases.

Among the top ten drug launches anticipated in 2024, two notable contenders stand out for their focus on addressing CNS diseases, offering renewed therapeutic hope for patients worldwide:

1. KarXT by Karuna Therapeutics

  • Targeting Schizophrenia, KarXT spearheads the list of anticipated drug launches for its groundbreaking approach to a condition long underserved in the pharmaceutical landscape.

  • Backed by robust clinical trials and a novel mechanism of action, KarXT promises not only efficacy but also a favorable safety profile, setting a new standard in schizophrenia treatment.

  • With its approval anticipated in September 2024, KarXT embodies the potential to redefine treatment paradigms and carve a niche in the CNS therapeutics market.

2. Donanemab by Eli Lilly and Company

  • A beacon of hope for Alzheimer’s disease, Donanemab represents Eli Lilly’s persistent pursuit of innovative solutions in neurodegenerative disorders.

  • Despite challenges, including FDA setbacks and market fluctuations, Donanemab perseveres as a frontrunner, poised to address critical unmet needs in Alzheimer’s treatment.

  • With a decision expected in the first quarter of 2024, Donanemab holds the promise of slowing cognitive decline and ushering in a new era of Alzheimer’s therapeutics.

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As the pharmaceutical landscape evolves, we stand at the forefront, offering specialized in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology services tailored to accelerate drug discovery and development processes.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses diverse tissue models, including rodents, animals, and human specimens, as well as cellular and slice preparations, facilitating a nuanced understanding of drug mechanisms of action, safety profiles, and toxicity considerations.

Our Schizophrenia Assays and Models

Our brain slice electrophysiology platform provides Electrophysiological assays on brain slice from schizophrenic rodent models.

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Our preferred partner Key-Obs, expert in models and behavioural assays of neurological disorders, provides behavioural investigations of Tg or pharmacological schizophrenic rodent models.

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Our Alzheimer’s assays and models

Our brain slice electrophysiology platform successfully showed that Tg mice display electrophysiological properties deficits compared to their wild type counterparts. As an expert in electrophysiological studies, we can study your compound’s efficacy on such models. 

  • Slice electrophysiology on AD mice models
  • Electrophysiology on slice exposed to Beta-amyloid

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Our cell electrophysiology platform is expert in characterizing, validating and performing pharmacological testing on all types of human iPSC-derived neurons.
Thanks to commercially available iPSCs derived from AD patient donors, we can help you investigate your compound’s activity on human tissue in a condition approaching very closely the physiological condition.

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Our in vivo brain electrophysiology platform, a rodent platform entirely dedicated to innovation in experimental psychopathology, provides behavioral test to assess impairments characteristic of AD:

  • Declarative memory behavioural test
  • Spatio-temporal memory assessment in maze

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Our preferred partner KEY-OBS, preclinical CNS CRO specialized in in vivo models of neurological disorders, has developed models simulating closely Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms.

  • Scopolamine -induced amnesia
  • Social memory / social recognition test
  • Memory deficit in Tg2576
  • Novel Object Recognition

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Download our Data Sheet: sample assay of a potential therapeutic agent for schizophrenia.

Download our data sheet to learn more about one of our assays evaluating a GPR52 agonist on evoked-responses in prefrontal cortex. The molecule evaluated demonstrated antipsychotic-Like and procognitive effects in rodents, suggesting a potential therapeutic agent for schizophrenia. 

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Through cutting-edge electrophysiological techniques:

  • We provide invaluable insights into neural function, facilitating informed decision-making and accelerating the translation of scientific innovation into tangible clinical outcomes
  • Our collaborative approach ensures seamless integration and actionable insights at every stage of the drug development process

As we anticipate the landmark drug launches of 2024, Neuroservices-Alliance remains steadfast in its commitment to driving innovation and catalyzing transformative advancements in CNS therapeutics.

For inquiries regarding our comprehensive electrophysiology services and tailored solutions for CNS drug development, contact Neuroservices-Alliance today!

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