HD-MEA recordings of neuronal network activity

HD-MEA recordings of neuronal network activity


Thanks to our partnership with MaxWell Biosystems, our San Diego Cell Electrophysiology laboratory is equipped with the MaxTwo HD-MEA (High Density Microelectrodes Array), allowing us to record very precisely neuronal network activity of cells cultures.

We are proud to discuss the progress we have made this year using the Maxwell high-density microelectrode array to measure network activity in neuronal cell cultures. Chen Tian, Scientist I and Christian Petroski, Research assistant (both in our San Diego laboratory) have been instrumental in this work.

The photomicrograph below (center pannel) shows rat cortical neuronal cell cultures grown using low density on a monolayer of astrocytes, which allows them to form networks with excitatory and inhibitory synapses. Adjusting or restoring the balance of these synapses is a key aspect of drug discovery in neuroscience and neuropsychiatric diseases.

Operator working with MaxTwo HD-MEA
rat cortical neuronal cells cultures

Previously, we used manual patch clamping to record activity from one or two neurons at a time, providing a limited snapshot of the culture’s activity. However, thanks to our partnership with Maxwell Biosystems, weare now equipped with the MaxTwo high-density microelectrode array, which can simultaneously record from six wells, each with 26,000 electrodes and 1,020 channels per electrode. This allows us to record extracellular action potentials and assess the firing rate, action amplitude, and burst frequency for every neuron in each well.

We can also measure the synchrony of neurons firing in bursts and predict that these endpoints will be useful for drug discovery decision making. The high-density microelectrode array plates can be reused, and we can record the same cells over time as they develop in vitro.

Our subject-matter experts

Portrait of Bob Petroski

Bob Petroski, Ph.D.
CSO Cell Electrophysiology

With over 35 years of electrophysiology experience and 25 years of drug discovery experience, Bob Petroski leads our cell electrophysiology expert team and drives our innovation.

Portrait picture of Raymond Price

Raymond Price, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Chief Business Officer

Raymond Price, responsible for sales and partnership developments, has a strong Neuroscientific and Business background (PHD + MBA) and a solid experience in neuronal culture.

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