Huntington’s Disease

Hungtington’s Disease, also referred to as “Hungtington’s Chorea”, is a neurodegenerative hereditary rare disease. Symptoms include motor, cognitive and psychiatric impairment resulting from neuro-degeneration characteristic of the diseasing, ineluctably evolving to autonomy loss and death.

Hungtington’s Disease is caused by a single dominant defective gene on chromosome 4. An individual inheriting the gene from a parent will thus eventually develop the disease.

For the time being, no cure is available to teat Hungtington’s Disease or to slow down or stop cognitive, motor and psychiatric progression of the disease. Current therapies focus on helping patients managing symptoms.

Assays and models of Hungtington’s Disease

in vitro models

in vivo models

  • Key-Obs, our preferred partner expert in behavioural models of neurological disorders, proposes test for behavioural investigations on HD models.

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