My name is Esther Steidl, I earned my PhD in Neuroscience under the supervision of Dominique Debanne in Marseille. I am a co-founder of Neuroservice and I manage the MEA laboratory since 2007. I have more than 15 years of experience in Electrophysiology and I focus entirely on the use of the MEA technique.

The beauty of this technique is that you can see anything occurring at the neuronal network level in a context that is very close to the physiological conditions. In addition, this technique is non-invasive, and allows you to answer pharmacological questions very precisely as the compounds effects are averaged from a very large number of neurons that are recorded all at the same time.

I am particularly proud of the level of expertise we have reached during all those years working with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The team has made amazing progress in developing new and sophisticated assays. We design completely customized studies that provide straightforward answers to our clients, helping them to make the best decision. The entire team is very proud to help push forward the development of compounds that might be tomorrow’s medicine, as efficient drugs are still lacking for many pathologies.

Being part of Neuroservices-Alliance is a unique opportunity to put the results obtained using different approaches into a wider perspective. Combining data from different assays performed by different experts in their field is really synergistic: it’s more than just adding data, it brings additional insights to the whole project and solidifies the drugs in development in an unparalleled way.