Role of Nav1.7 in Mouse Nociceptor Action Potentials

Role of Nav1.7 in Mouse Nociceptor Action Potentials


We are proud to share the contribution of our expert scientist, Dr. Julien Allard, to a recent publication in the prestigious Elsevier journal:

“Nav1.7 is essential for nociceptor action potentials in the mouse in a manner independent of endogenous opioids.”

The article investigates the role of Nav1.7, a voltage-gated sodium channel, in congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP). Research reveals that Nav1.7 is essential for initiating C-fiber action potentials, explaining the observed pain insensitivity following its removal. The study also highlights that overexpression of enkephalin, an endogenous opioid receptor agonist, occurs exclusively in specific sensory neurons, but does not contribute to the analgesia observed when Nav1.7 is absent.

This groundbreaking work provides valuable insights into the mechanisms underlying pain perception.

If this can be of interest for your ongoing research, please reach out and we’ll gladly organize an introductory meeting with Dr Allard:

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