Meet Mahsa Sadeghi

Meet Mahsa Sadeghi


Meet Mahsa Sadeghi, PhD!

Mahsa joined the Cell Electrophysiology team as a Scientist II in 2021. She completed a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree in Iran, a PhD in Australia and a post-doc at UCSF in San Francisco, ledding her to develop a passion in playing a role in the discovery of drugs for Central Nervous System diseases. Let’s hear about her experience at Neuroservices-Allliance and what she enjoys in her day-to-day missions.

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Read the transcript below:

Hi, I’m Mahsa Sadeghi, a Scientist at Neuroservices-Alliance.

Well, a little bit of background about myself. After I did my Doctorate of Pharmacy degree in Iran, I moved to Autralia to do my PhD in Pharmacology, at the University of Sydney. I did a few years of Post-Doc at RMIT and Monash University in Melbourne, before I moved to the US. In 2019, I started my post-doc position at UCSF before I joined Neuroservices-Alliance in 2021.

My passion is to play a role and participate in drug discovery for new medications, and my background as an electrophysiologist developing functional assays helps me fullfill this ambition.
Here, we have many companies who do not have the facilities or expertise to do the functional assays to reach their goals. We are in contact with worldwide pharmaceutical companies so I enjoy interacting with scientists around the world with different perspectives and ideas, we have the opportunity to know their approach to answer biological questions. Also, we have the chance to know about the different research areas that is going on around the world and targets that scientists are interested in for specific medical conditions.

To add up, I should mention that we have a great multinational team here in San Diego, in which we share the same goals, and we admire the culture of the company a lot.

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