Meet Regina Valades

Meet Regina Valades


Meet Regina Valades, Marketing Specialist at Neuroservices-Alliance. In this short interview, she explains her role at Neuroservices-Alliance, what she enjoys working on and what “Life at NsA” looks like.

(Transcript below)

You will find below the transcript of Regina’s interview:

“My name is Regina Valades, a Business Administration student with a focus on marketing. I am originally from Mexico City and moved to the United States to pursue my education. I have a passion for innovation, cross-cultural communication, and the utilization of marketing tools to drive business growth.

I joined Neuroservices-Alliance in October 2022 as a part-time marketing specialist. My role involves supporting the marketing and communications team and working towards innovating our business tools to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

What excites me the most about being part of the Neuroservices-Alliance team is the opportunity to collaborate with highly talented and diverse groups of scientists and business leaders. NSA team members come from various parts of the world, diverse backgrounds, educational experiences, and skillsets, which makes work a fun and enriching learning experience every day.

During my free time, I try to make the most of the lifestyle offered by San Diego. I enjoy engaging in outdoor activities such as surfing and barbecuing. These activities help me recharge and refuel myself with energy to tackle each day.

I look forward to further growth and the opportunity to contribute my experience and skills to the NSA team.”

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