DRG Sensory Neuron Recordings for Pain Drug Discovery

DRG Sensory Neuron Recordings for Pain Drug Discovery



Precise, high-quality data.

At Neuroservices-Alliance, we believe that the key to pioneering breakthroughs in pain drug discovery lies in precise, high-quality data.

Our cell electrophysiology lab is at the heart of this belief, providing comprehensive DRG sensory neuron recordings that fuel innovation and scientific advancement.

Understanding DRG sensory neuron electrophysiology is paramount for advancing pain drug discovery. these neurons have become critical targets for novel analgesics aimed at conditions like chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and inflammatory pain. Hence, diving into this research illuminates the way to next-gen pain therapies—more efficient, with minimized side effects. Moreover, For those pioneering new frontiers in analgesia, detailed DRG studies can illuminate the path from bench to bedside, ensuring each step is grounded in precise, actionable data.

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Illustrative picture of Marmoset DRG Sensory neuron being recorded

Access Quality Tissue

Our San Diego facilities are strategically positioned to have swift access to high-quality tissue, ensuring that our research materials are fresh and relevant, which is crucial for accurate and reliable results. This proximity allows us to maintain the integrity of the tissue from collection to analysis.

DRG sensory neurons are available from various species available: NHP, Rodent, Mini-pig and Dog.

Streamlined Process for Rapid Turnaround

We efficiently collect, record, analyse and wrap-up your studies: within just a few weeks, we deliver comprehensive reports that inform your next decisions.

Therapeutic Focus on Pain Drug Discovery

You will benefit from more than a decade of experience in providing our partners with insights essential for developing the next generation of pain therapeutics.

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Precision in Parameters

We perform recordings using the patch clamp or calcium imaging techniques, and meticulously measure a spectrum of parameters to reveal the detailed functioning of DRG neurons.

Learn more: download our published posters.

Thumbnail of Poster presentation showcasing DRG sensory neurons recordings results

Pharmacology of TTX-resistant & sensitive Na currents in NHP DRG sensory neurons

Poster presented at SfN 2022

Thumbnail of poster presenting DRG Sensory neuron recording data

Profiling the Functional Phenotype of Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG) Sensory Neurons from the K/BxN Murine Rheumatoid Arthritis Model

Poster presented at IASP 2022

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