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High-Density MEA Recording of Primary Rat Neuron Cultures and Human iPSC-Derived Neuron Cultures Growing at Low Density on Astrocyte Feeder Layers

Partnered with MaxWell Biosystems

Discover a revolutionary approach to studying neurons using high-density microelectrode arrays (HD-MEAs). Our data promises to significantly increase data throughput and provide unprecedented insights into neuronal activity.

Patch Clamp Profiling the Functional Properties of Human iPSC-Derived Nociceptors

Partnered with Anatomic

Gain insights into chronic pain management as we explore membrane properties, spontaneous activity, and more in human iPSC-derived nociceptors through whole-cell patch clamp recordings

Characterizing the Maturation of Electrophysiological Properties in Stem Cell-Derived Human Neurons Lacking Methyl CpG Binding Protein 2 (MECP2)

Partnered with Roche

Our research focuses on Rett syndrome, a challenging neurodevelopmental disorder. Explore how MECP2 loss impacts electrophysiological phenotypes using human stem cell-derived neurons. This research offers hope for novel Rett syndrome treatments.

Establishment of a Preclinical Migraine Model Based on Nitroglycerine (NTG)-Induced Sensitization of Spinal Trigeminal Parabrachial (TPB) Neurons in the Anesthetized Rat

Partnered with Lundbeck

Learn about our cutting-edge preclinical migraine model, which focuses on the role of the spinoparabrachial pathway in migraine development. Our electrophysiological measurements and nitroglycerin-induced sensitization pave the way for innovative drug screening against migraine

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In Vitro Cell Electrophysiology

In vivo models and behavioral tests

Poster presented by our partner KEY-OBS at SfN 2019