Motac Neuroscience is a preclinical research company dedicated to working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that are developing new treatments for diseases of the central nervous system.

Motac in-house personnel include internationally-recognized experts in neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, neuropharmacology and neuropsychology.

As a company, they have unparalleled expertise in the fields of movement disorders, such a Parkinson’s disease and dyskinesia, and in the field of neuropsychology and cognition.

Motac expertises

Motac Neuroscience’s expertise and research capabilities are offered at a number of levels:

  • EXPERT CONSULTANCY to assist and advise with the planning and design of preclinical research within our areas of special expertise. This includes advising on the most suitable model systems, scientific end-points and protocol design.
  • LABORATORY-BASED research is undertaken on a flexible basis, ranging from simple contract research to risk-sharing collaborations.
    We perform studies in rodents and primates, the majority of studies being performed in our dedicated AAALAC-accredited research facility. Studies are performed to high scientific standards, to agreed Standard Operating Procedures and agreed timelines.
    Studies are performed by highly-trained and dedicated staff under the supervision of a specific PhD-level study director.
    Results are analysed, interpreted and reported by an expert in the field.

IN ADDITION, through our extensive network of clinical collaborators, Motac Neuroscience offers ready access to clinical opinion-leaders and clinical trial specialists.

Motac Neuroscience’s expertise

Models of movement disorders and neurodegeneration

Mouse, rat and macaque models.

Measurement of cognitive performance

Models of cognitive disorders in NHP assessed through various testing procedures including computerized tests equivalent of their human counterpart (CANTAB battery).

Integrated models of motor and cognitive function

Unique combination of motor and cognitive parkinsonian symptoms in the same individuals, facilitating the demonstration of positive effects affecting multiple domains.

Motac Neuroscience Experts

CSO, AD/PD expert

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