CILcare is the only preclinical CRO focused solely on Hearing.

CILcare is located in France and Lexington, MA. With their partner CBSET, they evaluate the preclinical efficacy and safety of drugs, biological compounds, gene therapy, cell therapy and medical devices to treat hearing loss, tinnitus and otitis.

CILcare CNS Expertises

Why does working in Hearing require such special expertise?

Because the cochlea, which receives sound, is extremely difficult to target and the signals sent by its hair cells must be understood by the brain. CILcare is the only CRO that has the expertise to understand this complexity, and therefore works on identifying, developing and delivering the therapies which will protect or restore hair cells and neurons which make the system function.

CILcare provides a broad range of highly robust & validated pharmacological models to assess ear disorders. Based on extensive experience and scientific excellence, with state-of-the art facilities, and using the most advanced instrumentation and technology, CILcare provides customized studies to best address your requirements.


Tinnitus is a physical condition characterized by the perception of a “phantom” sound with no corresponding external stimulation. The physiopathology of tinnitus is caused by dysfunctions of the central nervous system and abnormalities in the inner ear.  

Within Neuroservice’s Alliance, CILcare’s services include:

  • Assessment of drug exposition (PK) in the brain and the inner ear after systemic or local (trans-tympanic, round window niche, intracochlear) administration
  • Salicylate-induced tinnitus model in rats
  • Noise-induced tinnitus model in rats
  • Electrophysiology of the auditory cortex (Evoked and Spontaneous activity), Auditory Brainstem Response ABR, Distorsion Product Oto-Acoustic Emission (DPOAE) and Compound Action Potential (CAP) measurements
  • PrePulse Inhibition (PPI) and Gap-Prepulse Inhibition Startle Reflex (GPIAS) assessment
  • Manganese-enhanced MRI
  • GLP-Ototoxicity studies
  • Histology of cochlea, hair cells, neurons and ribbon synapses.

Case study


(Auditory Brainstem Responses)

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Case study


(Distortion product otoacoustic emissions)

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Case study


(Gap-Prepulse Inhibition of the Acoustic Startle reflex)

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(Manganese-enhanced MRI)

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CILcare Experts

CEO, Hearing Disorders expert
Sylvie PUCHEU, PhD
CSO, Hearing Disorders expert
Marie-Pierre PASDELOU, Pharm.D
CDO, Hearing Disorders expert
Gaëlle NAERT, PhD
COO, Hearing Disorders expert

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